Kiris's Reviews & Ratings

This was a really fun read. I liked that it was multiple stories, Perspectives and with different types of bottoms.
Interesting story with a wonderful plot. Warning about some potentially troubling themes. Forced alcohol and sex, threat of self harm followed by threat of murder, and some seriously not okay relationship themes. With that in mind, the art is lovely and the scenes are epicly hot. I will absolutely read this again.
Just fantastic. Beautiful story too. Love it.
Emotional roller coaster. Saved from dire circumstances. Sweet, sweet falling in love!
This story takes a kink, finds a perfectly sweet partner, and makes it into the most delicious romance dish!
It's so sweet and spicy! I can't belive what an excellent read this was.
Loved it! Definitely has the problematic issues from omegaverse tropes, but so good anyway. As long as you go into it expecting that.
It is a fun and interesting story. Wonderful world building and just the right balance of sweet and spicy.
Quirky and fun. Interesting plot, fun little twists, and the characters all have personality and lives. I'm hopeful to get a second edition with Yaoi's story! It's exactly the kind of story that get you interested enough in the characters lives if you want follow up stories about those characters!
This was darling! A fun, exciting read. The story stayed interesting from start to finish.
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