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Loving this so far. It's different and interesting. The male MC is not your run of the mill hot guy, he's complex and I can't wait to see how his character develops. the female MC is learning to be herself and do and wear what she wants. It's a great relationship - can't wait for the next chapters!
Easily one of my top 5 fav artists. Check out her other work if you like this one. Highly recommend them all.
THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for posting the last chapter. This is a great read. I love this artists work.
This is the best! Honestly the last page of volume 5 is hilarious! Worth the money I promise.
It's getting more complex than I expected! Who will end up with whom at the end? I know I'm barracking for Soji and Kanami.
Great story and super art. Three stars cause it seems very unfinished. Like so much is left totally unresolved. Which is a shame.
Super sweet - they're both so awkward but the series felt unfinished.
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