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I read the first 2 chapters and I'm already in love. So much smut, the drawing, the plot were all carried out smoothly and most importantly both seme and the uke were my cups of tea. Also, I did quick research after finished reading the manga...there's certainly more that could be brought out and I was right! There's already a chapter 6 (there're only 5 chapters on this volume) on Renta Japan, so for sure there's gonna be a volume 2! CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT TO COME OUT!!!! YISSSS
The art itself is leaning more towards the cutesy side...since I'm so used to all sorts of art styles including Korean Manhwa this was alright for me. The story plot of the first couple was cute and slightly interesting but not like unheard of. The second couple was honestly meh...I think the roles of seme and uke by this mangaka aren't obvious which (I guess) it's more realistic to the real world of same-sex couples where gender roles don't always exist amongst them. I kinda regret buying it permanently though ngl
It's a really long title name I thought, for a manga...but then again it seems to be quite normal nowadays with a lot of manga titles hey! I thought The characters were pretty to look at and there is a flow to the storyline. The ending was nice even though slightly cliche but most of all I do feel satisfied after reading the whole manga. The smut was good as well haha.
This is a manga that I found to be a perfect all rounder for both main and side couples. The artist has managed to hit all the criteria of a great yaoi manga! I The art, the story and the characters. I am glad I got to read it first before I decided to go ahead with the purchase. It's worth buying.
Hmm...I wish the story comes to a better ending. It felt like it was rushed and unfinished. The art is really good but the seme's expression just seems more flat most of the time...like I thought uke be quitting for their relationship towards the end but nah. I must say I was quite disappointed with how the story went. However overall the concept, art and the character were likeable.
I fell for the art and thought the artist is very promising with their other work hence I bought it. I must say when the last 2 chapters weren't related to the main title I was disappointed. I wish the whole book was about the same couple. I felt like the timing when they are intimate was a bit weird. Also when the seme bit the uke...that was hmm...quite public! I think if it wasn't the art I think I wouldn't have bought it. I'd say the pace is quite good though. At least things weren't dragging on and on.
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