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what a fantastic couple, they were just the cutest! The story does play out like how the title suggests. While I typically like my BL spicy, sometimes I like to clean my palate with something sweet instead. It was nice seeing them become a couple before actually banging lol
The issues I had with a lot of stories about BDSM are with consent, but luckily that's not an issue here! With an uke that loves to be tied up and a seme that gives in to his wishes, it was nice to see a more balanced dynamic between the two characters in the relationship. The different methods of bondage were so well-drawn that it makes me want to learn it haha The short story starts off in a dub-con kind of way (at least in my perspective) but it's nonetheless short and sweet. I hope Sensei draws more because I absolutely love the art style!
such a unique and funny premise! I'm always a sucker for the friends-to-lovers trope as well with one being completely ignorant of the other's feelings (and usually their own). Looking forward to how this story progresses, because it'll be a fun, sexy time~!
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