Mona's Reviews & Ratings

Suuuper duuuuper cute and sweet!!! <3 Really recommend this!!!
Cute cuutee!! This is so damn cute and smuty too!! Love it <33
OHH MY GOODDDD!!! This is so cute!! The couple, them being so adorable <3they're so precious and respect each other so much they def have a healthy relationship <3So enjoyed this, highly recommend to read this esp if you want to search for a fluffy story and couple!
OMGGG THIS IS GOOLLDD!!I really love how the art style and the vibe are like shounen manga but the genre is BL <3 The characters are cute too! And their dynamic as a couple I bet it's gonna be insanely good,cute, sweet, and heartwarming <33 can't wait for the next chapter!!! AND I'M REALLY RECOMMEND PEOPLE TO BUY AND READ THIS!! DONT MISS THE GEMS PLS
OH MY GOOOODD!!! THIS IS GOLD!! I really love the flow and I keep smiling reading about their thoughts with each other geez get married already pls?
The art is pretty, the story is so sweet and they are so cute! Omg can't get enough of their love dovey time <3
So far so good, the art is nice and chara with short black hair is my trophy tho! Def will love this!
I really enjoyed this manga, I love the dynamic between them, the uke is so dependable and cute
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