Brielle's Reviews & Ratings

I'm a big fan of Shimaji's works, they have a great balance of quirky art and sexy scenes. This story seems to have a lot more of the latter, but it was a pleasant read nonetheless. There's more volumes of this story and I hope they'll be licensed too. From the first vol, the characters aren't really developed much but I hope they will in the next vol cause I know Shimaji can do that really well too
Wow! if you like pining and a friends to lovers kinda trope I'd recommend this! The two of them seem like idiots who aren't able to bridge the line between wanting to be close as friends to being something more. What should you do when the person closest to you kisses you (twice!)? So far the story and pacing seems really enjoyable, I quite liked it. Can't wait to read the third chapter soon.
Wow, I bought the first chapter to test it out but honestly it's worth the read. What a lovely short story and adorable characters. the art is also totally worth it! A lot of very gorgeous panels and positions
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