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After reading through ch 3, my rating is 5 stars. I really like the art and the characters - and hope the series will continue.The story surprised be somewhat and that was a positive thing, for sure. Now I'm speculating on the guys' backgrounds and where the plot will go from here... while waiting for more chapters.
I was pleasantly surprised by the story. Even though it's short it's sweet and hot. I especially liked how the MC got honest - instead of the usual female good girl type that keeps yelling no during sex scenes in many manga. I'm all for sex-positivity and owning one's own wants and needs. This short story depicted that, too. Kudos to the author and artist.
After renting the entire story, all volumes, I can say I really like the art and characters. [SPOILERS->>] The masculine appearance of all the guys was definitely a plus from me. The one thing I am weary about when it comes to manga is when noncon/dubcon to consenting scenes. Here the characters were for the most part consenting, which was a HUGE plus point.
It's a mystery what the deal is with the Moon. But the story is fun and the art pretty. A nice read, not really rocking my world but a snack sized carrot.
Art is beautiful and I love the basic setting of a rental boyfriend.The characters are left quite distant to the reader, as we don't get to see much of what they really think, nor of what was in their past. What bothered me was that the story is left open, in my opinion, and it cuts short. Either there's something lost in translation or there should be continuation to this in the form of another volume or a second part. Therefore, just the three stars. Should there be more volumes and/or a new comic as a sequel, I'd be happy to add stars to my review.
I really enjoyed reading both stories, regardless of how different they were. Thanks to the other reviews, I knew what to expect from the second story. The silly basic setting was fun and the cute little alien was almost like a manifestation of all yaoi fans anywhere. Actually I'm contemplating on upgrading. The main story alone is worth it, imo.
I liked that there was edge to the characters even though there was a lot of smut. However, the one star missing for me was because the plot could've been more elaborate and the characteristics of the guys depicted even more.That being said, it was a good read and definitely easily read within a rent period of 48 hours, even though I played it safe and purchased the comic.
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