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I reviewed the original and said it was a slow burn with little romance (gave a 3/5). This is a great bonus with big romance, the fantastic art, and a culmination of the story. I felt just like the couple who had been so patient to get physical -The cherry to a sweet story!Rent out of curiosity. Total buy for the adorable end.
One of my gavourite artists using one of my favourite universe themes?! Yes please! Lots of consensual yummy love smut to be had by this mangaka. A sweet, loving romp so far. Can't wait to see how this Omegaverse goes!
Slowest burn ever. Very little romance. On chapter 9 and still no story progression. I will keep buying now just out if sheer stubborness. The art IS gorgeous and if you like a long, slow crawl, this story is interesting.
Beautifully drawn and very well written/translated. Akira is such a marshmallow! Only one real smutty scene and it is intimate and meaningful to the story. Rent to read once, buy if you love the artwork and slow-burn stories.
Great little story about an open and closeted couple. Lots of action and all completely consensual! Also, the artist draws mouths and features so well, I had to stop and look at the uke's teeth many times and appreciate the details.
Harada is amazing! From great smut, to cute and sexy intimate moments, Momo and Yata has it all. It can get dark, and a bit violent, but it's not for nothing as it provides a richer and more complex character dynamic for both main characters. Very rereadable and worth every ticket, point or dollar you spend.
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