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This is so funny, hot, and cute!! 10/10 recommend
Really loving the art style the males are so hot XD this is definitely a fast paced manga since things are moving quickly if you know what I mean ;) but I dont mind it at all.
THIS WAS AMAZING. The story felt empowering for women because the MC takes control of her own “Cinderella” story. This isn't some love at first sight then I have sex with hot guy type of bull that I usually find myself reading. She doesn't wait for a Prince Charming to swoop her up, she goes out and looks for a guy who she truly loves and expresses her feelings. It's earnest and wholesome and it teaches a valuable lesson about love. It really made me smile. Was worth every penny!
This story is amazing, it tugs at all my heartstrings and has me laughing. Not to mention the 18+ scenes are phewwww. The art is so pretty too <3
Wow the art is breath taking and I am HOOKED on the storyline and characters. I really can't wait for more chapters to come out!!! This is one that I'm looking forward to the most out of the dozens of ones I bought
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