nevermind's Reviews & Ratings

Only the first chapter out, while it''s good and I'm looking forward to the next chapter, there really wasn't enough to this first one to make me a big fan. The male lead is a big ? so far and the female lead is just okay. Likable, but nothing that stands out so far. I hope the writer/creators don't drag things out just to have more material for a long series. I hate it when it takes forever for anything to actually happen because they want to produce as many comics as possible rather than tell a really good story with likable characters. So far there's potential, but I'm on the fence, I need at least one more chapter to decide if I'll continue or drop this series.
This is more "okay" than "bad" It started rough with a typical jerk male lead, if I hadn't already bought it I wouldn't have bothered reading all of it. The story got better, but then the English translation got worse with little typos and grammar errors sprinkled in over every other page. When I was starting to feel the story finally settling in for a satisfying ending the creator decided it needed one more problem to separate the couple before they have a semi climatic happy ending. It was really annoying and the reason for the bad rating it got from me. Female lead is stereotypical, she sweet and nice without being annoying. Well, until the final problem because she decided to be stupid and repete the same mistake the lead's mother had made. Learn from history, don't just repete it!
Cute, with likable leads. Very tropey, maybe a bit dopey, but I rather enjoyed it.
I really hate the "they fight all the time so it must be love" thing. They did this with two couples and they were both so painfully obvious. Despite that, the main couple still won me over in the end.
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