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So far only 2 chapters are available, so this might not be accurate later in the series, but if you are looking for light and fluffy, move right along, this isn't it. The seme is a troubled youth with a sadistic streak, but he does have a softness lurking in deep beneath it, just a little bit but it's there. The uke is a bubbly, think positive about everyone and everything (because everyone has good in them and everything can be worse) orphan that is trying to save his home/orphanage from being ripped down and the kids from being separated. To do this, he makes a deal with the seme's father to figure out why his son refuses to take over the empire he has built within 4 months. So far it's been a bit on the outside of my comfort zone, I'm not a huge fan of non-con stories, but this one has dug itself into my brain and now I really want to see how it turns out, Especially after the final panel of chapter 2. My fingers are crossed for a happy ending though.
I read the synopsis and the previous reviews, and I'm glad I went into this one thinking “ok, it's a relationship story, not a meet and fall in love story” because it really is about their relationship. Yes the seme does take the uke for granted and has kind of a 'shitty attitude' as a previous review says, but he truly loves the uke and wants to be with him. The uke is a total pushover for the seme, but again truly loves him and can push back when it's really important to him. It's a story about truly accepting their partners for who and how they are, while still trying to find compromise about the things they each need in the relationship, without losing the love they have for each other. It's about the everyday life of a couple, and the learning curve that moving in together brings. It really is a feel good manga, and the way the sex is depicted feels like a real relationship with all it's flaws, instead of just for fan service. I'll definitely be reading this one again.
I rented this one initially because it sounded like it wasn't my type of manga, it was a new release, and I'd read this author's other work, but I upgraded and bought it as soon as I finished the first read through! The story was there, you get some background of the main characters, and their meeting basically sets the scene for the rest of the 'cases'. The smut was well done, and the final scene between the MCs had me reaching for the fan it was that hot! First time I've read a manga with characters that are both top and bottom, but I think I'll have to go looking for some after this story. And the happy ending left me with all the warm fuzzy feels.
This one was really cute, quick love stories that left me satisfied with the outcome regardless. If you're looking for smut, you won't find it here, but still worth a read if you're looking for warm fuzzies.
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