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Ok, it's a cute story with a super sweet ending, but man the first two chapters are really tough: Dub-con, the classic and exhausting trope “but we're both dudes!,” and lastly (& most egregious), the ol' “I'm a sex-addict.- I'll cure you!” garbage. Can't we move on to the real world yet? You know, where most folks enjoy sex and don't have to be “sex addicts,” and sometimes they happen to be gay too?! Some time this decade, please!
Super adsorbs! Fun fight scenes, humorous outbursts, supportive friends, lots of super cute blushing, and young love. What else could you want? Also, very minimal homophobia (ex: “pervert” name-calling), no non-con, and very little smut… in case you were wondering.
This is a love story, pure and simple. It's beautiful and well worth the read!
Cute, consensual, and a tad chaotic. The story is pretty short and there's very little character development, but you want to root for the couple anyway. Worth the read, I just wish there was a rent instead of buy option…
OMG, the cutest!!! The art is fab, the characters develop slowly and gracefully, totally consensual, and a very accepting LGBTQ storyline overall. Buy it!!!
Cute story but the writing doesn't fully connect all the way through; the dialogue is disjointed in a way that makes you have to do some of the work to figure out what's going on… it's a little annoying. Otherwise it's a nice adult love story with nice art and no non-con (thank goodness). Rent, don't buy.
A solid story about two adults falling in love. Yes, there's lots of exposition but the story is cute and everything is consensual. Worth the rent!
Sooooo good! Thoughtful story telling with great character development, plus everything is consensual and adorable. Super recommend!!
Adorable love story, wildy cute and wholesome. Highly recommend
This is a really sweet story with only a few problematic elements. There's the fairly standard gay-denying (But we're both guys?! nonsense), some non-consensual activity, and of course the victim blaming (“But you're too cute”, “I can't control myself” or “I should have fought you more” garbage). But there's also really nice character development, vulnerability, and range. Would be nice to read a sequel...
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