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I love that the story is written in the male leads point of view. It has simple straightforward style, not overly dramatic. Highlight is the strong male and female leads that become even better when they finally breakout of their misconceptions of what real love is all about. I was quite surprised at how mature this story is, considering it's tagged as a shoujo. There's barely any drama here, and surprisingly not even a lot of 'obvious' romance, but love is definitely there in aces and spades. It's literally a story of love creeping up in between those neglected corners and blooming beautifully out of daily, mundane interactions between two people who never even considered love in the equation. There were a lot of negative elements with all the lead characters and their situations, but it was spun so well that it turned into a positive story. It deals with a lot of faults that we have as people. I really enjoyed this story, and I hope the author makes more in the future.
Everytime I reread this, I always get a positive feeling afterwards. It packs quite a punch for such a short series: strong, no nonsense characters (esp the female lead!) who go after what they truly want, great comedy, camaraderie, not a lot of useless drivel in storytelling and just the right amount of conflict to progress their relationship and character development. The suit fetish is the greatest idea ever, I'm glad to see such an author spin such a mudane everyday topic into a great story. The author's other longer work, Allergic to Love, (still unfinished at ch16) is great too, and also highly recommended . If you want to test waters out for this author, this one is a good example to try!
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