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GORGEOUS smut scenes. A sweet story between a closet gay and a demon who eats words. The demon's powers were an interesting and weird concept; it's kind of thrown at you and just got to accept it and not think about it too deeply. Maybe a weird interpretation on my end, but in the midst of his confession he recalled the demon as a child, maybe to signify that he unknowingly fell in love with him from the start? But it was a bit strange to me. Anyhow, breezing past that moment, at the end of it all these two are cute together and have the 'my one and only' love which is heartwarming.
Strong female leads I like to see, no wishy-washy girls being strung around by the guy. Mutual love and respect of both parties. A fun and saucy read!
At first thought this was cute and thought the seme was going to help the uke find his confidence, which I mean he kinda did. But it all felt a tad bit manipulative. Idk if that because the seme never fully seemed genuine at times (as if he's just having fun and playing around with the uke), that I felt when he communicated his feelings, it didn't feel sincere enough to be believable or the uke was a bit of a pushover and it felt like he didn't know what he wanted, (which is understandable who has it figured out at their age?), but couldn't help but feel annoyed though. Felt a bit forced, but ch 5 is sweet and makes the previous chapters redeemable-ish. Looking forward to the end though.
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