Cygnus's Reviews & Ratings

Thank you Renta! Soooo happy to see this manga available here. Quite an interesting story with good amount of steam, funny at times ~anaconda~ lol! Also quite fluffy and wholesome how they develop their relationship. Hoping to see 2nd volume available here as well.
Quite an interesting story so far. Checked all the boxes for reincarnation, fantasy, animal characteristic, fluff & smut. Wishing to be reborn in an era where they can finally be together, only STILL illegal for them to be together because one of them got reborn as beast people who are protected by law. lol.. poor guys.. tough luck lol. Looking forward to see how things will turn out.
What an interesting start for this story lol, many potentials! I can't figure out who's going to be seme or uke yet from 1st chapter now that seduction turned into name binding master/servant relationship..? lol.. Looking forward to see where this is gonna go. XD
It's the typical one night stand hook up turned out to be your boss, now turning into office romance. But HOT Damn!!!! This is so steamy juicy!!! Looking forward to see how their relationship gonna develop.
OMG!! IT'S HERE!! THANK YOU Renta for making this series available here!!! Good art, a good story line that actually develops relationship. Definitely worth getting!
Waaah! So much misunderstanding when you don't have honest & open communication! One-sided love from alpha, but he's going about it the wrong way! A bit head strong omega who's hung up on the idea of finding fated pair, also just begun to realize his feelings toward alpha. My heart hurts seeing them hurting each other without proper communication :'(
This is definitely the darker, ugly side of omegaverse society. It is pretty depressing and oppressive, but I'm glad Arata found his fated mate in the end. Short story though.. would be nice to have more chapters or bonus chapters of fluff to get rid of bad taste of that depressive stuff.
lol what a clueless pair! The omega & alpha teachers accidentally became a pair due to drunk alpha, yet alpha had no memory of pairing. The omega who's pretending to be a beta, partly in self denial for being an unattractive omega, and partly didn't want any relationship so intending to hide the pairing from alpha. But in the end.. pheromone wins! LOL Can't wait to see when will omega finally be self acceptance, and how long will it take for alpha to realize the pairing.
Umm.. I'm curious what happened in the past for Rikuya to reject Miharu like that.. so far, flash back seems pretty sweet & loving. Looking forward for more story behind their past and how will they salvage their relationship again!!
THAT was super HOT & Steamy!! Story is as described.. your annoying bossy boss turned out to be the temptress from your dating app! Hot seme & lewd uke. Let the hot office romance begins!!!