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Hot damn!!!! Hot seme and cute uke, I need more chapters!! Story is as described as well as its title. Although I'm looking forward to how they'll deepen their relationship further.
Don't expect too much from this BDSM oriented manga, or else you might be disappointed.This gave me the impression of lite version of sub/dom verse or BDSM. They use master/salve/commands terminologies, but commands don't seem have as deep impact than most of the sub/dom verse mangas I've read, hence the 'lite version'. Although I do find story itself interesting so far. A slave being a corporate spy seeking revenge in an adult goods company, this is going to be quite smuty! I like the characters design as well. Looking forward to more chapters :D
What an interesting isekai omegaverse! Rintaro the delinquent became an omega after he got sucked into another world. While he was trying to save someone from bandits, he went into heat because he met his fated pair, the beast king. Beautiful art, and I sense an upcoming strong and defiant omega in future! Looking forward to more chapters.
Thank you Renta! I'm so happy it's finally here! I love omegaverse stories! This one is Not a great start in a relationship through arrange marriage and quite rushed too, but that's the fun of it, how it will develop into something beautiful overtime. Love the artwork ?
Beautiful art! Good story, actually took time on characters development, and I like how story of their relationship continues after high school. I bought ch1-5 from another site because Renta didn't have this manga at the time. Had i known Renta would carry this manga, I would've waited to get it from here because it is much cheaper on Renta! So I bought from ch6 onward.
This is going to be interesting. Poor Shu.. tough luck guy.. unable to beat his rival even in bed. Looking forward to see whether Shu will eventually out do Reiji or not. Thumbs up for somewhat uncensored, made it much hotter! :D
LMAO!! This is funnier than I expected. Love triangle between tough omega, beta best friend and alpha gang leader. Looking forward to see how this will all turn out.
Hahaha This is better than I thought after 2nd chapter. What an interesting isekai world and slave system. Totally not what I expected. Can't wait for the relationship to develop between Shuu and prince Jadeite. Beautiful art and best of all, it's uncensored!
Wow.. things sure escalate fast! This is going to be a fun and spicy one to read. Can't wait to find out how this mafia boss going to tame that wild cat assassin.
Looks like its going to be a typical "writer's block drawing inspiration from real life experience" story, it's predictable where this will lead to. But that's ok. I like the art, and the writer might have an interesting personality, and Best of all.. it's UNCENSORED!!! Yay!!!
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