Nuria74's Reviews & Ratings

Are you kidding?, this is not complete, is half job done. The history was great and was coming very interesting. Was a 5 stars, before you put complete. We paid for read good history not left us hanging there on the air.
I love, nice history and the picture are great
All 6 continue history are excellent writing, the art is very good. Please continue more the history with uncle Lewis and his new life. Excellent work.
It is a very lovely story, the art ? is very excellent. I cannot wait to read the next chapter.
Very good history, have everything. I loved....
Very lovely history and the characters very good drow. I loved. The big brother very protective of his little sister, father is crazy angry person, and her best friend very good to. Continue written more lovely histories.
It very good and interesting and have part funny story, the draw are very good. I wish soon to read the next chapter. Continue with your work writing is very good. Bad guys and the little girl .
I liked has interesting story, have little of everything. Very good pictures. I recommended .
Very good writing job, have funny parts. I love the pet is ? lovely. Continue with more histories, I like you writing.
I liked, the history was good, the picture are very good too.. But I do liked little more pages on the history make more better this novel at the end. Continue with your good work.
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