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HIGHLY recommend this. its a short read u can finish in one sitting but it didnt feel TOO short. Central conceit is very simple and no conflicts are dragged out. mostly this is just cute fluff but with incredibly hot sex scenes. Filthy yet full of affection and affirmations of love. Shiro (yes she named him "white" lol) is SO beautiful and sweet. he doesnt feel like a standard Top u get in these stories, meanwhile Makoto is very soft but he still doesnt feel like a bland archtype of the bottom in the relationship but more like a shy awkward kid whose still figuring out who he is. and thats in part because he feels uncomfortable with expressing his sexuality still. (when he said he worried he wouldnt be able to find love cuz of his being gay i got really misty eyed. cause i sure know how That feels) Anyway, Sakana Tojo ends her beautiful manga by calling herself a Sappy Sloppy Slow Moving Safe Romance Fetishist and thats really all you need to know about what to expect out of this.
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