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It's open, fun and sexy.I liked it, it was fun.
This sucks! This is hateful!Why are there not more chapters!!?I almost put four stars, OK?! Nah, I'm kidding. This was awesome. I liked the setup, don't know about the love triangle thing... But that could be fine or just nothing much.... Over-all recommend and can't wait for the next chapter!!<3
This is totally cute!It's fluffy and I like his honesty, he says whatever's on his mind.It's a funny combination when you add how he's always horny?
This is fucking awesome!!!I loved it!!!Very much, I love him but can't tell him, in a cute way. Not the overly sad kind. I loved it, still do, probably gonna read it again!Omg! You should read it!!! The only thing would want, is that there would be more. Like what happens after they get together? How will their friends and the school react? Family? How will they're daily life be?I wanna know everything!!!As soon as possible if that's possible.
Amazing! Just... Amazing.
Yeah knew I shouldn't have read this. It's short and has that hateful omega verse society where EVERY big and little thing is wrong for omegas. Ugh I hate these kinda books, don't know why I read it. But don't take my word for it, if you like omegaverse stories the read the other reviews ;)
Loved it, love it, want more!