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Praying for an update every single day.. so far the stories from this author never disappoints! I'm usually one for smaller bottoms as opposed to them being tops but this just hits different and I love it.
Pretty simple stuff but I loved it either way! Rented it at first but decided to just upgrade so I can go back to reading it lol. I liked the art enough and I thought the smut scenes were incredibly hot! Just content warning for noncon though if that's not your thing probably stay away!
It's my first time reading a BL where the older brother looks like the younger brother but it was so cute!!!! The art was also adorable. I'm seriously excited for the rest
I loved the stories in this so much although I wish there was more about the couple in the 2nd part and more kinky stuff in it but I figured this was more of the fluffy story type and I don't mind that once in awhile! Hopefully more works from this author shows up in this site they look so wholesome! I'm overall satisfied
It was so cute.. so so cute...
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