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This was so fun!! If you like the naive and energetic uke type paired with a quiet brooding lusting seme as best friends this is for you. Ohdai wished for a sexy gf and somehow gains the ability to see other's horny meter and then realizes his bestie atsuto is at always at his limit and to prevent his bestie from becoming a molester helps him ease the tension...
This was so funny and cute! I love the premise of these two being engineers and then misunderstanding that the other only does what is "logical" or "practical" like getting married to get a cheap apartment. I love the drawings of Yukari too he is soooo cute his crying face is so funny looking it's adorable. There are also side stories I guess from senseis other manga which I didn't read. Those were OK I loved the main story though.
This was soooo cuuuute. I feel bad at the beginning over miox entanglement but shino was such a good guy it didn't affect him as much as it did me.
Omg this is soooo good!!!!!! I picked it up when I saw the Renta rankings and from the first episode I was hooked!! There's such a really good story behind this and it's not your typical Isekai imo. The MC did come from a normal world but he doesn't think about that too much or talk about the new world from an 3rd perspective which I appreciate. The sex scenes are HOT and uncensored but they don't actually happen as often as you'd expect based on the title. A lot of the story is the MC figuring out his past and his relationship developing with the most nonproblematic ML. I love it.
Omg this was soooooo cute!! Sensei is so funny I swear she has the best set ups for jokes. Her characters have so much personality and are so sharp. I had lots of laughs with a bit of angst sprinkled so cute
Omg this was soooooo funny and sooooo cute. I love witty bottoms and dumb obsessed tops.. The scenes when they were kids were soooo cute too. One of my new faves!
I really love this mangakas other works so I was excited to check this one out! This one turned out to be a lot darker than I imagined but I still liked it very much. I think what hurts as the reader is that you see the two leads longing for each other and you're like "yeah can't wait!" but when the critical moment* came you can tell Kurama had internalized his father's homophobia so much that it became painful to read and as the reader you go from excited to upset kinda quickly. But I'm glad there was more development for kurumas relationships with others and himself afterwards for good closure.
This was so cute!!! Shion is absolutely adorable he's so bratty and cute.
I need to know more!! Will the new guy be able to get it in!??
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