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I am in love with this story and these illustrations. The usual plot has been turned upside down. She is the one who controls the whole situation quite a bit. The deep story of the past of our sweet protagonist and what moves her in her research is something that she also catch you, beyond the heated scenes. Totally recommended. I don't want to wait but I need more volumes. Saving my points to continue with this wonder.
I have not read anything other than Yaoi for a long time because I did not find that romance and passion in this genre, however I have to say that this manga has left me speechless in every way. It has sweetness, comedy and sets you on fire like a summer without air conditioning. The illustrations are beautiful. When I bought the first chapter I already knew that I would buy it all! I can't wait for more! a great and wonderful job.
I am fascinated with this manga, read it really, is so good and it isn't predictable as the plot seems to show. The detail of the illustrations is beautiful. Each volume I finish reading leaves me with tremendous anxiety to read the next one.
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