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After reading 5 chapters, here is my take:HOT & STEAMY. Sadistic authority figure? Check. Innocent girl reluctant to call off sexual advances? Check. The artwork is great and I love the style. The story itself is a bit shaky at times; for example, the teacher does a complete 180 with his personality out of nowhere right away (which makes for a nice, quick shift to a provocative mood, but is still somewhat confusing) and yet another time without any seeming reason. But the sexiness is more than enough for me to wait to rent the next chapter when it comes out!
I rented the series on a whim after taking a peek at what it's about, and I am beyond pleased that I did. Chapter one was everything I hoped for: bright-eyed female paired with a detached male in need of someone to revive his passion; humor that made me literally chuckle out loud; amazing artwork; nice pace and flow so far; characters that make you want to get to know them more. On to chapter two for me!
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