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Actually from reading all the comments I thought this was going to be some trashy non-con rollercoaster but I'm actually surprised it's not as bad as I was expecting (Long time Yaoi fan so I've seen a lot of questionable stuff) surprising besides the first chapter, the main non-con isn't even between the main couple but with a character the omega met earlier. I'm actually surprised with how they went along with that plot-line, instead of ignoring it and having the usual pissed off main alpha protagonist taking it out on the omega protagonist for something that the latter had no control over but instead go over how the experience both made them feel, it was fast paced but at least they acknowledged it, kind of wished the other alpha got some closure though.Like some others mention it does have some cliches but their not bad, i would put in a word of caution that this may trigger people on non-con, it's not for everyone and that's ok, the art is also nice too
Didn't know whether to give this a 2 or 3 star mark, decided three for the art but the story…OOOOH BOY the story, it was really jumbled up and very tricky to make sense, I have a feeling if this was given more chapters or volumes, even a couple of rewrites and this could've been okI get the feeling that their trying to combine both a scary story and sexy roles but it comes off as a mess, the seme doesn't even seem like his own character, in fact this is the second time that I wanted to focus on more the teacher's murder, supernatural mystery story, the seme seems like comic relief which is fine but YOU DO NOT WANT THAT FOR ONE OF YOUR MAIN CHARACTERS THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PLOT!!! It just seemed like he was being dragged along for plot convenience and not for his own agency despite being connected to one of the victims, maybe this is just me but if you looking for a horror yaoi manga, I'd say to check out a different one
Ok besides chapter one, the rest of the story is ok, the art is nice I liked the designs of the beastmen, there are times where I thought more chapters would be nice to flesh things out, especially the first chapter, instead of the non-con it might've benefited more with a rewrite but what to replace that with is the only question, probably would've given it more stars for the later chapters and the art alone buuut twasnt meant to be
For anyone thinking on reading this couple, they make their first appearance in in 'The Flow in Flower', with that out of the way I love this couple so much!! Shame they only get one volume, love how their both as bad as each other, Satoshi who started as a stalker with a crush going after Kakeru, and Kakeru who was just looking for a booty call, their both such screwed up people that they begin to like each other (despite Kakeru's insistence that he doesn't care about Satoshi, but come bro, that whole chapter of pampering Satoshi was just adorable!!!) I'd definitely recommend you give this a read
Yes!! I've waited for this story to get translated in like forever!!! This is a sweet story on a cat man, Mr Milk Tea and a human man, Ronnie forming a little friendship which could be turning into something else ^_^ this story is just adorable fluffy and there are some misunderstandings between the two but they don't come off as forced and the glimpses of world building, yes! I also find it interesting that all cats has 'Tea' for their surname which brings the question do other beast people have the same surname? I love the characters and their interactions, also that the cat people act a bit like ACTUAL CATS!!! Flat ears, swishy tails, some of them have scratch boards when their annoyed! Definitely give this a read if you want something more fluffy and sweet!
So…yes the art is very cute and the story is ok but I dunno, Haruyuki is giving me a couple red flags here, I'm sure their trying to come off as sweet but to me it seems more creepy than romantic…Ok so there's worse stories and characters out there and Noah does love Haruyuki but…spoiler he's been keeping an eye on him for years! QAQ Originally I was going to give this four stars for the art alone but Haruyuki and certain points of this plot rubbed me the wrong way…sorry but I can't see myself giving it those two more stars, it's down to preference really, if this is your kind of story then I'm happy for you but just not for me
I love this, I wish there was more chapters on this couple, their freaking adorable together ? not your usual omega verse which I love!!!
The art is good...the story however, it is cute don't get me wrong but I felt like a few more chapters could've fleshed out the story a bit more, I actually thought I was missing a couple of chapters but realised it's finished now like...what? I get it, it's kind of a comedy, sexy story but I really didn't buy that they love each other when they've only met each other for a few times -_-
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