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The story was good, but it felt unfinished to me. Minato's side could've been explored a bit more & we find out how the both of them manage to become comfortable with who they really are.
It tugged on my heartstrings, but it wasn't the angsty, bittersweet kind that I thought it would be. Haru's gone down the depression route and has been riding the waves of sorrow for a decade until a fresh new wave came along & took him for a ride of a lifetime. It was short, but it felt complete to me.
All the characters in this series are adorable! Issei & Yusei are so chill and relaxed about who they really are, and supportive of each other too in a way. Hiro & Ryo are cute in their own quirky ways. If there's more addition to this series I'm definitely gonna read it! I kinda wanna know what happens to Hiro's bro too, that seems like an interesting story in the making too.
The premise wasn't anything new, but I feel that the story ended too soon. The author could've expanded a bit, like explain why he was working at the bar and such. But overall it was a good read. Nothing too spectacular or heart-pounding or heck even tears-inducing scenes.
They got started on the wrong foot, but they gradually grew to like & get to know each other. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this (twice now as I write this review). It had just the right amount of romance, humor and not too much drama before they found their HEA.
This was really good, and I wanna read about Kana & Ritsu's older selves after that brief glimpse hehe
It was interesting, but felt a bit rushed. It could've been fleshed out a bit more, give a bit more background story. And it would be interesting to see how things progress from where this story ends.
The first story was...I dunno what I feel about it. I felt rushed & all over the place. I think it could've been fleshed out some more. The second story's a keeper. It was sweet and innocent in a way, and the pacing was better than the first one.
Sweet & fluffy all throughout. It was a wholesome, rom-com of sorts. It was a good read from start to finish.
I can't stop laughing while reading each chapter. Seiji's just sooooo carefree! This wasn't a disappointing sequel.
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