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This series was awesome. At first I was frustrated with the main character but then I realized that this was going to be a slow burn sort of story. You really get to know the characters and their hilarious quirks. The main couple are great. The art is good. It has a great conclusion and it is a wonderful follow up to the first voluptuous guy. Would recommend.
Oh man, my feelings. I really felt for the main character in the beginning and the bs that she had to put up with. Her story is really well told and the plot moves at a brisk pace. Th ending was great, with her realizing more about herself and how she wants to be. While also realizing that there is more to the people around her.
I absolutely loved this series!! Th main character is an adorable dork and a BAMF rolled up into one. I was behind her all the way, the wrestling stuff is sprinkled throughout but really enriches the world. The guy was too wooden for me but that is only a small slight. This was just straight up a fun, comedic ride. It doesn't have a definitive ending but it hints at things to come. Wish there was more because I really liked the main character.
The main couple are so cute. It has a really warm story and I really got invested in it. I especially like how it was a slow burn to their relationship being officially established. Would definitely recommend if you like warm, wholesome love.
This is a really cute series. The two leads are really likeable and you can't help but root for the,. The supportin cast is also good, though brief as their appearances are. I also applaud the, for dealing with a transgender hard ref and handling some of the insecurity and hardship that comes with that in a really good manner.
The main couple is soo cute!! The artwork is also adorable. This was a really fun, fluffy, heartwarming read.
The main story is great. Wish it didn't have detour but the other stories are also fine and I liked how the main pair were sprinkled throughout.
This as a cute story with some great artwork. If you need some fluff to make your day, this will take care of ya.
The story is great, sweet, fluffy, and romantic. The 2 main characters are just so cute together, I really ended up enjoying this.
This series has such a sweet story and I was pulled in by the main characters. The artwork is also pretty cute. I really enjoyed this series and would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a romance story with a bit of tf.
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