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The story is actually very funny and good, some fun plot progression. Minus one star because it's not sexy enough lmao but all the characters have emotional depth and the art is nice as well. Male lead is especially hot. Interested to see where this story goes now that they both have mutual interest!
Not a lot of recent reviews for this soooo here goes. the art is very delicate and cute, both the characters are shy and wholesome but still get really hot for each other. All I gotta say is, a manga with two 69 scenes in one series is going to win my vote. Every. Time. The story also has some interesting twists and depth. Great series, overall. As a fan, I'm well fed, lmao.
This series has everything: hot male lead, cute and funny female lead who is trying out a full makeover to be more femme, lots of consent and sexy times, and beautiful art! Feels like the ML has an interesting back story. He's a super popular instructor but he falls for the FL's “pure smile” I love how sultry he gets when his switch is turned on. I can't wait to read more!!
MOOD. This series is so frustratingly hot. This author excels at vibes, they really make you shiver with just some exposition and without having to get explicit. Story goes in great irony that a lady who designs bedding for a living can't sleep. But she realizes when holding her boss she gets the best sleep ever. So things kinda escalate from there. He's gentle and handsome and has a sensitive and sad side. I am currently on chapter 3 and can't wait to see how the story develops. The art is sooooooo good TT__TT the way the author composes the scene and gets in all the sexy angles? major skill!
The artistry of this series is ?chef's kiss? just so beautiful, every panel, every embrace. You can really feel the emotion of both characters TT_TTWith that being said, the FL is hilariously aggressive AND she has a great butt. Also I love that the way you turn a guy middle aged is to just give him two tiny lines under his eyes XD anyway this is a fun and steamy series with so much cuteness.
I'm really conflicted by this story because the art is really good but the non-con is rampant and it kinda gets creepy by the end of chapter 2. The FL just went through her dog dying so she's in mourning and really dejected. She is drawn in by the ML's hair bc it's like her dog's coat (lol) but he takes it as an invitation and basically assaults her. Then she's like “I didn't hate it, it wasn't awful” after he apologizes for being confused (uhhhh sure) and is like “ok then let's date!!!” Which is honestly just a ruse to get in her panties again, lol. Not sure how it's gonna proceed but it's one of those stories where the girl is totally clueless and the guy just chips away at her with sexual advances while trying to win her over. If you don't mind the lack of consent, you will prob enjoy it.
There's actually not really non-con scenes in this. There's like one kiss but everything else was by consent. With that being said, the sex scenes are really boring and not v hot. And the story is kinda basic too. Not worth a reread so if you're interested prob just rent.
Hoooly sheeeeit. This story is all kinds of hot. Basically, her Junior at work confesses to her and they start dating & are super cute together. But obvs he's a hornball except she's like “no we can't do it” bc she feels like guys only use her for her body. So he's like “okay but I'm gon eat u up gurl” and basically they have adorable dates while he also blows her mind with everything BUT penetrative sex and it's so freaking spicy ahhhhhh. I mean she sits on his face!!! TT___TT
Actually, her foreign (french) boss IS a gentleman LOL. He's very polite but still so hot. Since Moe is so shy, he takes his time with her over the course of five chapters. It's mostly fingering, but by the fourth chapter they finally hook up and he makes sure to lick it before he stick it :') now that's a good dude. The art is very well done and even the making out is sexy. There's also a love rival that appears!
Cute n consensual. I've read through three chapters of this and it is seriously adorable. Not only is the art very good, but the story somehow manages to be super hot as well even though they only get so far the first 2 chapters. It's like you can feel the anticipation for both characters?she wants a pillow and he wants her body, lol. But then they both realize they want each other. They're really polite to each other too which is super precious. I love it and can't wait for the story to get a little spicier!
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