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There are a lot of manga about lingerie, but this is definitely my favorite one. Both of the characters have depth and many facets, real fears and anxieties?but they're super hot, too! The art is fantastic, very expressive, I love the banter between them, and they kinky af, haha. The smut is really steamy, and the story flows well. I really like this author and look forward to future works!
I don't really know why this is filed under mature romance genre. Things did not heat up until the 5th chapter, and even then it was very tame and refrained from anything explicit. The chapters are also quite expensive compared to other renta series. Other than that, the story is charming and the art is really good. It's very romantic and would be good if you're not looking for anything that's steamy.
Takes about three chapters for them to really get into it but the art is fantastic and enticing. Lots of naughty teasing by the ML. He is sort of like a perverse, analytical, hot nerd. He finds the FL intriguing and alluring. Should be fun to see their relationship progress!
This is a slow burn but extremely fiery with every chapter. Chika is going through a career and romantic transition, and she joins a gym to help with her transformation. Her trainer ends up also being her next door neighbor, and they slowly entwine with each other's personal lives. The dirty talk and progressions in the smut are extremely hot. I'm pretty sure I've re-read all the chapters 3-4 times because it's that good. The plot itself is also fairly interesting. Excited to see what happens after chapter 5!
I was really excited about this series because the character design and art is so good, but the sex scenes are kinda boring, and it's borderline cheesy too. The final straw was when the FL decided to lose weight for a hot springs vacation and she became 98 lbs…unless she's 4'10”, that is an absolutely insane standard to have for body image. Unfortunately I'm giving up on this series after 4 chapters. Just not doing it for me?the lack of excitement in the plot has kind of turned it into an otaku slice of life story.
The reviews on this are lacking?this is an incredibly sweet story about a one night stand that turns into a serious relationship, which eventually leads to marriage. The characters have a deep emotional connection and complicated backstories. The sex scenes are pretty charged and other than the beginning, there's a pretty natural progression to their relationship. Totally worth buying, the art and story are both great!
The first few chapters are non-con but then it actually develops into a pretty cute story. The FL is in a bad relationship where her bf keeps cheating on her. Her coworker takes advantage of her grief to put the moves on her. Not a great start, but has a happy ending and the art and sex scenes are really good.
Childhood friends to step sibling lover pipeline. XD The art is totally gorgeous and Hiroki is suuuuper hot. All the sex scenes are extra steamy and it's a really cute and tender love story. Their parents are overseas so they just do it like bunnies every day lol. The plot is a bit uncomplicated and simple but still entertaining thanks to the hunky ML.
I love this series, but it's just been abandoned for 2 years at a major cliffhanger. If you decide to buy it, just know you might never get to the conclusion. Was really looking forward to seeing the FL grow, too.
I thought this would be good bc of the art but the faces are just well-drawn, the bodies still look stiff. Also, the story sucks lol. Her childhood friend is wildly inappropriate and stupid and feels like he is entitled to do whatever he wants after she agrees to go on a date, bc he constantly pestered her for a week. Too annoying to follow after the first chapter.