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110% TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY!!! Theres only 1 way to make this manga better...FULL-COLOR VERSION & UNCENSORED!! ?? Everything else is perfection!! The story line is both so sugary sweet & down right sexy, im talkin hotter then hot, so freakin sexy! I BOW DOWN TO THE ARTIST THAT DRAWS THE ML, RYO! His body is drawn out so perfectly hot...the shape of his body, the just-the-right-amount of-meat-on-his-bones look & porportioned body weight really show & define his ripped muscles (sex appeal ×200?)! Most MLs in other manga are drawn tall & skinny as a board but have 8pk abs & thats just not at all pleasing to the eye, whereas RYO IS ABSOLUTE EYE CANDY!! The FL Hotaru has a pretty banging body as well. Overall, i would give this manga 10 stars in every single category!! Bravo & well done author & artist!! Thanks so much 4 the amazing work & i hope 2 see much more in the future!! maybe think about doing it n full-color, like i would b happy if u just colored this 1 in lol
Loving this story!! It is a very unique story & i was getting tired of the same old "1 night stand, FL gets pregnant then flees, 5 yrs later the FL & ML meet again, b*itch sister-in-law & mother-in-law get involved, etc" story, so this is just what i needed. Also, the artwork is to die for!!!! The ML's face is drop dead gorgeous & the FL is a natural beauty, by far the best artwork I've seen (& I've read 1,000s of mangas, manhwas, webtoons, etc so thats saying something!!!)....cant wait for more of this story!! GREAT JOB AUTHOR & CARTOONIST (THE PERSON WHO DRAWS THE ARTWORK) & PLEASE KEEP UP WITH THE AWESOME WORK!!!
So far, i am absolutely lovin this! Its got a pretty good plot, the ml is super hot but super adorable at the same time, & hes a beast n bed....1 of the best things n the world ???
So far i am loving this story!! Its so sweet & hott at the same time!! Keep up the excellent work & please release more episodes because i can't wait to read them!!
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