bb842's Reviews & Ratings

So happy to see this on Renta! This is such a sweet story. I love the characters and their interactions. Hoping Renta brings the sequel soon!
This was such a unique storyline! I really loved it! It has lovely art, moments that make you chuckle, and nice steamy times. I'm very glad I bought it.
Love this series! So excited to have a continuation! As always, the art a lovely and the story is such a great combo of feels and fun.
Aghhh! This is good, but so frustrating at the same time. I seriously hope for a second volume. Interesting characters and nice art, but not enough closure for me.
I loved this! Kohei is so cheerful and committed! Really glad I bought this.
Fun read and sweet! Love how the first and second story are connected. Glad I bought this.
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