teria1835's Reviews & Ratings

Really fun and cute read. Loved the characters and their developed personalities.Wanted more for the ending and a resolution to the hero's feelings for the heroine. Also, I wanted his hair to stay long! So handsome and beautiful
Great story, cute drawing style. I just wanted more for the ending. From the title, you'd think the hero was behind everything…but he wasn't? He just wasn't passive and wasn't a schemer. Just a guy who likes a girl. Cute heroine and I liked the smexy scenes. Will read again.
I will give this read 4 stars because of the ending. It didn't end! The “bad” guy in the story got rebuffed and said he'll come back. Then the heroine and hero made coffee and hung out in the coffee shop. Foolishness!? The story is so good and I love the drawing style but the ending felt so incomplete.
Cute and short read. I liked the main characters. Drama resolved quickly. I did want more character development from the hero. He seemed to really love the heroine though/
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