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One of the best and an absolute must read. The pacing was just right, the drama, romance, and everything in between was woven so well together. I could feel my heart squeeze at the cute and loving moments, I felt a lump in my throat when things weren't going well, and a bittersweetness at the end knowing the story was finished but satisfied with where it left us.
Absolutely adorable and wholesome story! The story went by quite fast but its still good. I appreciate how both characters communicate well with one another and are earnest to make it clear that they love each other.
I love how Natori is so respectful and understanding about Seo's work. I also love how Seo is so caring and we get to see how his love for Natori grows through the chapters. The amount of drama is just right, I never feel overly frustrated by their conflict and the resolutions are paced well. The story also gave us a good balance of plot and spice! I can't wait to see how the rest of their story goes. Would totally recommend anyone to start reading the series.
*contains spoilers*My favorite part about the story is the way Seiji pursues and treats Rin. There are times when Rin says something harsh but Seiji understands him to the point of being able to read in-between the lines of what Rin is saying. We get to see how Seiji never gives up on Rin and how Rin comes to terms with his growing love for Seiji.I loved seeing this kind of relationship dynamic. The art is wonderful and the dialogue meaningful.
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