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This would have been almost perfect (or at least really good) but unfortunately I didn't like the actions of one of the MCs. Without spoiling to much, I just think that what he did during university was a little too much and although they kind of addressed it, he never suffered any repercussions. Let me just said, isolating people for your own gain is not cool guys, that's too possessive...
This manga is so wholesome and it literally will make you cry! I love looking through the lives of the two protagonists. Although they met because they were playing similar things, little by little you began to see how different they are from each other, but also how much they love and care for each one. I love this story ?.
Really short and open-ended to say anything. Vagueness can be okay once in a while, but this ending just felt incomplete :(
That was soooo cute, but I need an epilogue or an extra chapter ASAP! The couple is just full of wholesomeness ?
I surprisingly enjoy it quite a lot! As some people have commented, this one has dragon x human sexual intercourse and interactions, so keep that in mind. However, despite that, I find the main story very charming and fluffy, the relationship between the human MC and the dragon is just so cute! But on the other hand, I didn't enjoy the second story of as much. I guess I found it lacking. Nevertheless, it is somewhat entertaining.
It was cute and a little smuttier than the author's previous works. Personally, I enjoyed more the interactions of the first couple. If you like smutty and dominant/submissive (but consensual) relationships the first one is more for you, but if you prefer adorable and wholesome (with a cross-dressing theme in the mix), the second couple is for you. Although not my favorite, it's still a legit good reading from Akira Yoshio :)
Steamy but nothing out of the ordinary. If you've read the previous one-shot about them and want to know more, I'd recommend it.
This is such a cute and heartwarming GL manga. I could relate with the protagonist in the certain level because I am also awkward and shy around people from past bad experiences. The relationship between her and the love interest develops slowly but it gets a proper ending by the end (although I would have like an epilogue or an extra with them finally as a couple! But, oh well...).
OMG! This one was delightful! I like the different personalities of the characters, one is a little naïve but curious while the other person is more aware and knowledgeable but also doesn't mean she 100% percent knows everything. I would love to see how their relationship develop later on!
I bought the first chapter since it was cheap and honestly, I don't regret it! I like the ambience and mood of the story. In general, it is about how a college student and his ex-teacher from High School became a couple and their feelings of uncertainty in their relationship. It is retrospective but also really cute!
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