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Ehh, this has a different premise but overall I think the story is all over the place. Also, I feel like they could have told the same story without the elements that make it... Problematic, to say the least. Content warning for incestuous behavior.
The art gets a little messy (especially during the smut) and I agree that the pace is all over the place, but I like the characters and how they develop their feelings for each other.
It was cute. The "conflict" so to speak gets resolved fairly easy and after they are just lovey-dovey together. It was straightforward and fast pacing, so for a quick read I would recommending it.
Well... That was anticlimactic. I think they rushed the ending, and the plot in general was missing, it needed something more. It is a quick reading though.
It was okay. I like the contrast of the couple: one who is confident about what she wants and doesn't care about what others think, and the other who still has inner homophobia and insecurities that doesn't let her keep moving forward. Even the antagonist in the love triangle has similar inner issues that overcomes when she hears the confidence of one of them. Although I like that part of the story, however, the resolution is lackluster and too short. It was a cute read though...
It is all over the place, and the resolution ended to quickly. There's a huge age gap here so be aware.
It was almost perfect. Lovey-dovey highschool couple who are keeping their relationship a secret while being affectionate with each other in private. My only complaint would be that glasses-kun (I don't remember his name) never really overcomes his inner homophobia. He never even tells his partner that he likes him, which was a plot in the story but it was not resolved. I was waiting for the typical epilogue or final chapter were he acknowledges his feelings and insecurities but it never happens. They are cute together though! I like their interactions.
This is the love story of a quiet and stoic boss who is dependable but struggles to express his feelings and an introvert who is new to having his love reciprocated! It's a typical trope, but I like how the introvert is shy but speaks his mind when he needs to AND doesn't bother him to express himself in bed (if you know what I mean), while the boss can be cold but never underestimates his partner and tries in his own way to show affection. I enjoyed this one a lot. Recommended!
Just your lovey-dovey dorks falling in love, knowing each other and growing in highschool. There's not drama, only fluffy feelings <3
It had a fun premise but I feel that by the end something was lacking. The resolution ended to quickly. However, I would say that the interactions between the couple are hilarious!
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