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It was cute and a little smuttier than the author's previous works. Personally, I enjoyed more the interactions of the first couple. If you like smutty and dominant/submissive (but consensual) relationships the first one is more for you, but if you prefer adorable and wholesome (with a cross-dressing theme in the mix), the second couple is for you. Although not my favorite, it's still a legit good reading from Akira Yoshio :)
Steamy but nothing out of the ordinary. If you've read the previous one-shot about them and want to know more, I'd recommend it.
This is such a cute and heartwarming GL manga. I could relate with the protagonist in the certain level because I am also awkward and shy around people from past bad experiences. The relationship between her and the love interest develops slowly but it gets a proper ending by the end (although I would have like an epilogue or an extra with them finally as a couple! But, oh well...).
OMG! This one was delightful! I like the different personalities of the characters, one is a little naïve but curious while the other person is more aware and knowledgeable but also doesn't mean she 100% percent knows everything. I would love to see how their relationship develop later on!
I bought the first chapter since it was cheap and honestly, I don't regret it! I like the ambience and mood of the story. In general, it is about how a college student and his ex-teacher from High School became a couple and their feelings of uncertainty in their relationship. It is retrospective but also really cute!
One of my favorites! A story about a red string that unites two college students, one a little more stubborn than the other one.
Okay, this one is really cute and fluffy! I smiled all the way through the anthology! I especially like the last story because of their interactions and how they briefly talk about consent and respecting each other. Yoshio Akira has become one of my favorite BL/Yaoi writers :D
It was an okay reading, although I was unaware that it would have a lot "panty-shots." Underneath there's a cute story about two girls liking each other but overall I felt it wasn't for me because of how they shot their bodies.
It was cute and charming, although it feels short since it is only an one-shot. Overall, I like that the two protagonists communicate and that it leaves the idea of being a couple open since they meet under unexpected circumstances.
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