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I seriously adore this couple. They are super cute! Male lead is quite obsessive over Female lead, sometimes may go far to threaten some males to stay away, but is it extreme? Not really. He didn't threaten every guy Female lead talked to, neither to punch them. (Don't know why top comment said he punched every guy when he didn't except delinquents) In fact, he allowed them to talk, just wary. There was a small dub-con in the forth chapter with fingering and licking FL as a punishment for being mean to him, but ML apologized to FL after seeing her cry. However, she was crying because she saw him getting cookies from someone! Not because of the punishment... Even then, she admitted she did like it, but of course, she wouldn't confess it to ML! FL saw ML as her angel, but ML wanted her to see more than that as he confessed her his love. He didn't dare to step further to push the boundary, leaving her to think of his confession. When he have a naughty side, he was still kind to his FL!
I didn't enjoy that much. It's alright to read. It does have a steamy smut, but overall the story is a mess and confusing. It doesn't answer my questions such as, Why the lion saved the little girl, other than "I just do"? Why does he wants to have sex with the same girl he saved years later? How does he turns into a lion man?? Nothing was answered to my questions as I read til the chapter 4. Maybe I skimmed too fast, but it didn't excuse the poor plot lines if my questions weren't answered.
This manga is perfect for people who are fan of monsters and dragons! Please don't mind other negative comments. Aside from a sex, this is actually wholesome fluff between adorable dragon and tsundere man but have a kind heart. I don't know why some said they wish for more second couple. I enjoy both, but this manga is mainly focused on the bond of the first couple. (I may be biased, but I really prefer main/first couple than second because of an obvious kink, "plushopilia" to be exact...).I seriously adore how cute the dragon is. Super adorable!
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