Skaenund's Reviews & Ratings

I have no clue how this is going to go, whether it will be a good story....but the absurdity of the first chapter was hilarious. I hope it continues to be ridiculous ^^
Lighthearted fun. Not the deepest story, but entertaining and cute with just a dash of second hand embarrassment.
So sweet and fluffy....not to mention bi representation ??? love to see it.
Cute, fun, and sweet....a bit fast for the content though. Honestly would love a sequel with the relationship.
So cute and sweet. Definitely a slow burn that leaves you wanting more of their sweet romance.
Ohhh such sweetness, make my heart skip a beat several times. A bit sad if unrequited love gets you down. Anyways, hands down Mike is the MVP lol
Funny, sweet, and easy to read. Nothing toxic or all that angsty, just a developing relationship.
So sweet and cute and just uggghhhh really great. Not to mention Ike and Taki are just way too good together, they communicate so readily and are so caring snd supportive. Now if you will excuse me I gotta go upgrade my rental so I can read at my leisure again!
Super cute story, a little sad perhaps but generally sweet. I would love to see a sequel or spin off with side characters since this was quite a good read. Honestly cracked me up a lot.
Cute, but also a bit chaotic for a story with only 2 chapters. Lots of irrelevant details clogging up the story and so many story threads ignored after they cause drama. If you've run out of demon stuff to read and thats your thing, then this story would probably be good enough for you.
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