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I bought this, thinking it was about teachers, but it was about a female student engaged to a male teacher. All the female tennis players are coming on to him and he can't have sex with his fiance', who is on the tennis team also. I never would have bought this. It is grooming. If you like this fine, but the tags should reflect "student-teacher", not "teachers".
Typical dubious consent, but a female student who wants the ML was spying on them. Not a good thing! I found this manga was well drawn and the story was actually a story. The main characters seem to be of similar age, also. There is angst and intrigue and I am looking forward to the next installment!
I like this manga so much that I looked for it and paid to read it. It is a very nice manga, but I wish it wasn't censored and that they finally get married for real!!
The ending was kind of vague, but overall a nice story about office romance that is kept a secret. The ending is quick: one minute single, the next they have rings. The smut was very mild, but you could tell they were passionate about each other. And even though it was short, it had the secondary romance figures. The art was average, but not bad in any way. I would read this again and again.
I must have re-read this at least 5 times and I still like thw feelings I have. There is a little tastefully drawn smut, the art us beautiful and the story makes sense. Thank you, author!
This is a very erotic "known since childhood" romance. ML has been FL's body guard since middle school because they were so close in age. FL is trying to stay away from her mafia, I guess yakuza, roots by taking a full time job and living away from the family. ML, as her body guard, lives in the apartment next to FL. FL's father has given her six months to find a husband, or it will be an arranged marriage for her. The ML sees this as his chance to help her fall in love with him, since he has always loved her. The art is a bit modern, but well drawn. The story is very engaging and the smut, while exciting, is tasteful, not tacky. I give this 5 stars and recommend reading.
I enjoyed this story, but it had a couple of skips. It should be spread out a little more so the story can develop. So I gave it 3 stars instead of 5. I will probably re-read and add the missing pieces on my own.Ps how was moving in together going to work if he was moving back to HQ? Was HQ in the same city? Did he know she was in the branch because he saw a list of employees? These questions need to be answered.
This would have been a pretty normal manga, FL kinda forced into it by ML thing, but the ending was just, nothing. It was like the end of a chapter. There was never any resolution. It needed another chapter.
Awesome romance stories that you won't regret buying. The art is great, the stories are great and the smut is tasteful, not explicit. If you are okay with that, these stories are for you.
The stories were all quick and to the point. I liked the fact that most of the couples knew each other and had already some type of relationship and they just needed that push into romance. I felt that there were many HEA's. Great writing, great art and tasteful smut.
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