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Excellent, only wish it was longer.
Really great, lots of explicit consent. You won't regret buying it.
The main story is the best one. It's a classic naive guy with a more perverted one. They used to go to school together and end up having a ton of fairly consensual sex.The baby one and the Please G something one are really non con and dub con-y. Don't recommend.The captain one at the very end was okay.I'd say more rent than buy for this one
This series is Excellent so far and pretty funny. The only thing taboo about this relationship is the fact that one MC is anywhere from 16-18 and one older by maybe 6-8 years. There's a hint of dub con, but the other party is very quick to clear up the fact that they wanted it. The plot is outstanding and I'm excited to read more.
Really fun and hot so far
Really great! Though some of it might come off as dub-con because of the power dynamic, the story and relationship work out really well!
While I Do like the story, there is sexual assault, first between a MC and another character, then between MCsSo yikes
V v cute
Actually really well thought outNo lightsabers
V cute
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