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First of all, the art was better than I thought it'd be. The urban legend game is starting off to be rather scary. I can't wait to read the next chapter to know what'll happen to everyone, especially what'll happen between Hina and Keisuke. I would definitely recommend this to people who can handle curiosity! Five star all the way!!!
This was cute and interesting. I was hoping there'd be more "climax" until they showed their feeling but I really liked it!
This was actually sad, I knew they were gonna torture the girls but I was really hoping to see an optimistic ending where they're back to normal. The art was okay, good but not as well as others.
This manga was actually sweet and romantic in some ways. I love how the author rose suspicion but then smoothly let it flow. After reading this once I'm positive you'll read it over and over! Please give it a try!!!
I was not expecting him to be the one to notice the lingerie when it slipped off! This is an awesome manga to read, I would definitely recommend this to anyone!!!!
Mayo, a single girl, who lives alone recently lost her grandparent and is now seeking to find a job. She decides to work at the Kitty Kafe, where it's more than just a cafe, but humans role playing cats.
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