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I love the drawing, but the storyline for me was a bit over the place.
What can i say the only thing i liked was the drawing. The storyline was a bit all over the place. I wouldn't waste the points.
At first i thought i would love this manga and the story by reading the preview. But when i purchased it and started reading it, for me the story line was not there a bit confusing and over the place.
It was an interesting story to read. Loved the drawing of it.
Didn't really care for it. The drawing is the only thing i like about it. For me the story was kinda slacking on excitement.
When i read the preview pages,I was somewhat intrigue so i rented it. And i can say this not worth reading. The story line for me is all over the place and towards the end i didn't even want to finish the rest of the pages.
The first story was catchy but the second story was eh.
Before i rented this I read the preview pages and thought it was worth a try i as torn between reading or not. So i decided to give it a chance but half way reading the whole thing i wanted to stop. I Felt as if there was missing parts to the story, so it confused on the storyline but read through to the end but i wouldn't recommend to others but hey you never know other people might like it.
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