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1 star for making this main char woman really hateful =X why marry a guy even when she doesent love himhe probably asked her because he liked her =.= and yet less then 1 hour after she buried her husband she sleeps with another =.= how hateful i dont know in the end i feel like they were only trying to proover her innocence... what innocence.... im not saying the guy did nothing wrong he did do something wrong too... but all in all.. she started it =.=
i did enjoy and not enjoy this story at the same time, it left me with so many questions... not to mention i usually like seeing the baby actually being born and the couple are even happier..... not to mention one of the reason the girl didn't want to marry the count is because of her family, especially her mother.. that asks of money, she didn't want to burden the count thinking if she were to get married to the count her family would keep ask the counts family for money and she didn't want that for them..... this story just ended with him finding her and proposing with the grandmothers look alike pendant... saying they both like each other =.=;;
Love this story, 2 strangers falling in love
really loved this story, i recommend reading
love past and present storys =] but i cant wait to see what happpens in vol 3
very sweet and lovely ending and beginning, if someone told me they where a princess who would believe it right lol
Aww im happy it all worked out, i really enjoyed reading this
i cant help thinking what a great guy he is, being there for a for child birth and all.
well the mother did try to apologies to her for hurting her but during the letter she got in the car crash and died i think? well i guess through reuniting they finally came back together......i dont know it seemed the guy is more interested in her now then when she was a bit chubby =[
just one lucky girl... verry lucky =X a hot guy just happends to saver her life and comes back to get her saying i cant live without you
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