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My review but only for chapter 1 cause I don't have money lol.Hilarious and seems like the type of Shoujo manga (story targeted at girls) that I would enjoy. I'm not sure what would happen next but I sure wish I could see it.It's funny how it seems most people in Japan in mangas/doujins/anime seem to think a lot of people who just came from America are forward as heck when it comes to romance or flirting and then I look at myself and I'm like, "I'm more of a backwards potato". Haha. Cause I can't flirt that well to save my life.
Chapter 1 was funny.I found it funny because the black haired guy was like, oh no we ran out of sperm samples! Like, dude, just replace it and get it over with. No need to hesitate man. Secondly, it's for science! If he was truly a science enthusiast then he woulda just did it with no hesitation. Besides those reasons, I think it's cool they didn't just frick frack right away like most doujins do. It's better when characters aren't so easy to get. Like when you try to get something but it wasn't easy, you treasure it more than something that you got in 1 try.
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