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So after the last chapter, I'm w/ the second male lead. First male lead is being super petty and triggering mc's anxiety which is NOT ok. So yeah. Dump the jerk and go for the guy who will treat you better. At the very least maybe the ml will see how badly he screwed up. Cute series until this dumb latest chapter. Now I'm just annoyed.
This one takes time to get into. But if you give it a chance it's actually not too bad. Main premise is that this is what happens when emo teens don't communicate and use their words. FL is still hung up on the fact she screwed up her own love life by turning down the ML. But big surprise there are reasons! Net net she's got regrets and then they get into a really messed up and basically abusive relationship until he discovers her big secret... that she got hit by a drunk driver and almost died. So now he's got HUGE regret for having treated the girl he's always loved the way he did. So they some how manage to talk things out or sort out somethings. Still not complete so I'm sure there's gonna be more drama ahead, but all in all I didn't hate it. Art is good, love scenes are decent, and story progresses enough to get some actual character development. Giving it 4 out of 5, bc it takes a few volumes to pickup to a decent pace.
This was actually surprisingly cute. Not sadistic, but he's just a shy boy who seems a little aloof on the outside at first. Heroine was pretty much the same typical type you see, but it was still enjoyable. Liked that everything was in color and the art was nice. Love scene was ok, but seeing as this was a short one shot that makes sense.
This was actually super cute! Sure the ml seems like a jerk in the beginning, but when you get to the later chapters they are just too cute for words. Also the fl is adorable but it is sad to see how her weight makes her insecure. But that's also why when the ml literally says he will love her no matter what size she is, it's so precious. I was a little hesitant to read it bc of some of the reviews, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely worth the read.
Thanks to the other reviews I at least knew what to except going into this one. I think most of the complaints were the pacing and length bc it seems rush. Reason for that being is that this is a ONESHOT. So naturally pacing and length are gonna seem a bit jarring. All in all, I thought it was decent. Bc it's so short, there's no real time to flush out any real character development, but it does what it can I guess. Ending sorta helps to see why the pacing is what it is too. Especially bc it's basically *SPOILER* a dream. And pacing is usually weird and off in dreams anyways. Again glad I read the other reviews so I knew what I was getting so I had LOW expectations and was able to enjoy it more.
Not really worth the cost. The first 2 stories were ok, 3rd and 4th were cute and better. Same w/ the 5th. Smut was ok. The art was nice. But all in all it was a sold “ok”. Stars definitely go to the last 3 stories tho for sure bc again the first 2 were just lacking sadly.
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