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What the hell is this?! No. No, no, no, no. Nope. I will not be reading this again. So many messed up relationships. Not between the main couple, but one of the side couple's relationship is just toxic. Very little by way of anything genuinely romantic or healthy here, so my advice is no.
Burn it with fire!! Or, alternatively, don't spend your money on it. The preview looked interesting and it only took 2 more pages after the preview finished to go completely downhill. The FL is apparently a live-in chef, and, on her first day at work, after she's burnt the breakfast, her boss basically tries to force himself on her. This is pretty much the dynamic for the rest of the story - he's controlling and she falls for it because "he loves her!!" They also profess to be engaged within 6 hours of meeting and 'fall in love' after about a day. That isn't love and shouldn't be painted as such. That's just obsession with sex hormones thrown into the mix. Anyway, he's a crap human being and she's a 2 -D character who makes really poor decisions. Nothing about this was romantic and I wish I could have my money back on this one. Not recommended, other than for burning with fire.
Nope. Just nope. If you want the short version of whether you should read this or not then the answer should be no.If you want the long version, it would be that the story is that a man, almost in in his thirties, becomes the legal guardian of a 13 year old, doesn't bother to look after her at all, finally sees her after 10 years (when she's 23 and he's about 39), calls her a whore, sleeps with her, practically kidnaps her, decides to mould her into his ideal whatever-the-hell-he-thinks-she-should-be, manipulates and dictates everything about her life AND she just lets him, as though she had been conditioned to do so after 10 years of neglect from him and abuse from others. That there, dear people, are the hall markings or an abusive, dysfunctional relationship. Let's all say it together........No. You shall not pass. you'd be better off reading The Bridemaid's bet, which is brilliant and fun and funny and sweet and not like this at all.
What did I just read?! This story was all over the place. It was like someone periodically pressed the fast forward button for a few seconds. That being said I quite liked the Girl Friday of the story. Not the bloke, though, as he didn't have many promising qualities, but the heroine had a certain level of feistiness that was interesting to watch. It looked fairly run-of-the-mill, for the most part, until they threw in a story about corporate espionage, and then I just found myself saying "Of course! Of course that was bound to happen, in a story about a boss, his secretary and her pet iguana!" Thankfully there was no helicopter chase/crash, no one found out that they were the unexpected heir to some mystery fortune, he didn't turn out to be the prince of some made up country, but all of these things would have only made the story fractionally odder if they had been included. I'd only spend your money if you enjoy saying "Wait, what?!" a lot. Otherwise, there's lot of better put-together stories out there to spend your money on.
I love this story. I've re-read it so many times. The characters seem real, the story flows in a pleasing manner, and the romance is genuine. Lots of fun as well. So, overall, a sweet, well told story that you would be happy to come back and read at a later date.
Ugh, I really wanted this to be an interesting read. It's only 'okay'. Guy is rude about girl in newspaper, girl gets proactive and changes her life, guy regrets being rude about her because she's not who he thought she was - she's a bit ballsy in reality and capable of looking after herself AND him.....then I start to lose it because he doesn't stop treating her like a spoiled princess, despite the fact that she's clearly shown herself not to be one, feels she needs protecting, sulks about it a lot, ignores her character development completely (because, girls, eh?! We might break if men don't make all the decisions for us), tells her to go and then when he's feeling better about himself and she's feeling worse about herself he suddenly appears and asks her to marry him. Rushed. Very, very rushed. She deserves better.Readable as a story but I won't want to read it again.
I love it, I love it, I love!! I love this story. It's sweet and heart-clenching and fun. The story flows really well and you like all the characters because they seem like actual people. I've read it again and again and again.
I liked this one. It was fun. I'm not sure if I need to say much more other than it had some decent characters who you actually found yourself caring about and it was quietly and calmly funny. Nothing jumped out at you from nowhere (like some contrived plot device), it all just seemed to slot into place. It was a story that was worth reading, in an ordinary situation, rather than the unrealistic setting of 'some sort of girl meets playboy millionaire, girl falls in love with playboy millionaire, girl changes playboy millionaire....the end'.
Nope. This is awful. She has a serious eating problem and he's part enabler/part ignoring the problem. If she ate and then needed to eat straight away i would at least book her in with a doctor, if not a psychologist. I'd suspect a tapeworm at least. Not interesting at all, as the guy basically abuses the girl for his own benefit. Just yucky!
Fun, believable, good characters. Worth spending your money on for a quick read. It doesn't all happen in the course of one weekend, they aren't lovers separated for a decade because they had some fight over her mother's dead gerbil having a thing for his uncle's rabid squirrel pet - they're just decent human beings, which is always refreshing. They react like normal human beings would in these circumstances. The fertility clinic,though, that place needs shutting down - how have they managed to operate correctly so far?!
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