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I mean the protagonist is your usual oblivious guy.... as for the two other guys... the first one is the nice sweet one, but you know is a bit twisted. The second one is more of an ass and reluctant to join (mean to the main guy). It seems normal, but the story takes you for a weird twist and the smut is good! The relationship between the two tops is very intresting. You should read if you can handle a bit of dark and can Ignore how oblivious the main character. Someone update for the next chapter!!!
Let's see: it's a boy that became a girl! If you can get over that... then you'll like it. The beingings so messed up but then the drama starts in the middle and end! Thank the gods, the main character has at least some thoughts and isn't just like "f** me" well most of the time... it usually goes to smut! Waiting for the drama, bring chapter two!
I was apprehensive, but the arts great, and the polt is Intresting! Plus, it's steamy with enough story! It's great! More chapters please!! Definitely try it out! I'm liking it so far!
Great read, great art, interesting plot! Would like to read more! :)
Great! Good read, great art! The story was a bit dark (blackmail) but really hot! Totally recommend it! Loved the ended, make me feel good... Like the story was worth reading, aside from the ... You know ;)
I think it's an interesting read; hot yet dark! ;) totally want more to read! :)
I actually liked it! I liked the art and the story!! It was to my standards, and I thought it was worth the 4 tickets. I just wish there was more chapters to the twin story ;)
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