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The drawing style is nice but the plot is a bit rush. To me, it seems like the heroine and the guy Miura doesn't have much contact but then, the guy suddenly says he likes the heroine. For those who likes lots of smut scenes, well, this one doesn't have much though.
The stories are all one-shots though the story is quite cute and all, they're all seemed too short to worth the price.
The story is great and really sweet, it is one of my favorite on this website, the only thing that makes me sad is that it doesn't have unlimited access to it. Q A Q
The story is amazing with a combination of most fairy tales, the heroine are involve with the prince, the hunter, the werewolf and the wizard in the fairy tales and they all looks like her colleagues in the real world. The story is exciting with a spice of fairy tale themes and heated relationship.
Well, in my opinion, the story went a little fast. The plot were in a pace that seems to be too quick that the reader are not able to fully understand the characters.
This comic totally worth a five star. The drawing is amazing and the story flows smoothly with a dose of honey sweet scenes that put a smile on your face from the moment you start reading it. The heroine is different from the usual heroine with her chubby figure, however she is also cute in both appearance and personality. The artist did a great job in the story line and also the characters. Overall, this comic will leave you a sweet feelings in the end.
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