Midnite's Reviews & Ratings

Not exactly a fluffy story but the character interactions are adorable. The plot is also well written with pieces of the past revealed bit by bit to flesh out both storyline and characters. Definitely worth a read!
Really sweet. Even the side story is adorable. Worth the long read!
This was absolutely adorable. The character development is spot on. You really end up enjoying the slower build up of their relationship. Definitely worth reading more than once!
This was absolutely adorable. A wonderfully light-hearted story about growing up and choosing to work for your happiness or, take the easy way out. The characters were entertaining and made me want them to find that happiness. (I only dislike that it is essentially one volume and yet all of the chapters are separated to force you into paying more. This is a complaint against Renta! and not the manga itself.)
Adorable characters with unique personalities. Takes until the second or third chapter to realize they aren't quite the personalities you're made to assume in the beginning. The premise may not be unique but, the story is told with a sense of humor that keeps you engaged, as well as makes the steamy scenes tie in well with the characters. That is often an important aspect of sex scenes which helps those moments feel less random. A good read! You won't be disappointed. (The shortness of each chapter, and that you pay for each, is my only complaint.)
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