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I want to like this but it's really hard to get past the ridiculous premise. How could anyone fall for this, she is so gullible. Even Clark Kent is a better disguise than this guy. He takes off his glasses often so there is literally no difference in appearance between Megumi and "Keiichi“. She's knew Megumi in high school when he was already pretty much full grown and then catches a decent glimpse of him again in the beginning of the series and after she starts dating "Keiichi" she talks face to face with him and his only disguise is a face mask. So no excuse of it having been awhile since she's seen Megumi. And then she sees him talking on the phone using his real name and without even asking him she just decides she must have misheard it. I feel like it should have been middle school that they last saw each other, then it would've been believable. I do like the male lead though, he is hot and I appreciate how he's tried to be a much better person than he was in high school.
I can't stop laughing over the vibrator! Basically our girl here is a queen at work but a mess at home and can't cook or clean to save her life. Her friend hires a housekeeper to help her out, but it turns out to be a childhood friend who she hadn't spoken to since they had a fight as kids. And of course he's smoking hot now. While cleaning he finds her underwear, her condoms and worst of all her vibrator!! Before he can even say anything she says she'll do anything to keep him quiet. And of course he had a crush on her way back so you know what that means. Now l'm pretty sure she just wanted to sleep with him too because logically there wasn't anyone he could tell that to they only just met again and why would he even say that to anyone he'd look like a total creep lol. Anyways the art is a little rough, looks great sometimes and other times weird/off so that's mainly why I am deducting a star. Otherwise I can't wait to see where this goes.
I was pretty interested in this even though it's not my usual type of story and I don't like Yanderes. Until ch. 7 where the FL cheats on the ML with her boss. If I wanted to I could try and justify what she does given the circumstances, but ultimately I just despise cheating and there is no excuse for her to not at least attempt to call him and break it off first. It's a well told story with good smut, but personally I cannot move past the cheating.
Brutish boss?! What a misleading title. He is not brutish at all, he's a total sweetheart who likes shoujo manga, blushes a lot and cries when he thinks the heroine might hate him. In other words he is exactly my type and I am hooked so far. No consent issues so far and he definitely is the type that will wait for consent. It's a shame I think this would sell much better if it had a better title. I'm glad I gave it a chance regardless and hope others will too.
Not what I was expecting from the reviews and summary. I don't usually complain about stories moving too fast and I don't mind sex in the first chapter, but the ML literally is fingering her 3 minutes and 3 pages into their first meeting. She doesn't really resist, but it still made me pretty uncomfortable and I am really open minded. I mean I barely had any impression of the characters yet and didn't even know the guy's name. And then later on in the chapter, he reveals that he secretly filmed their first encounter and blackmails her with that footage into working for him and having sex with him. Yikes! I cannot believe none of the reviews have mentioned this part. This is definitely not a cute consensual story. Glad I only rented the first chapter.
I was pretty interested in this until the very end. It actually has an intriguing plot that makes you want to know more. But I just don't know how to feel about that last twist. I think some will be fine with it because it's not really him but his split personality that is the one cheating. But the split personality him still knows he is dating her, so I'd still consider it cheating. I also feel like the story will likely go in a direction where she ends up falling for the other him too, which would make it even worse. I get what the author was going for. I think he's meant to be the Hide to the guy's Jekyll, and actually be sort of evil and monstrous, rather than just any normal split personality. But I think that could have been portrayed without going straight to him cheating on her. Maybe I will give it another chapter as I am still on the fence and wondering where it will go next. Also I really hate how this authors FLs always look like little lolis and the MLs are always giants.
Yikes! I was enjoying this despite the somewhat rough art until chapter 3 when it just came out with the surprise (borderline) NTR/cheating. Okay so she's not really in a relationship with the male lead yet, it's still a pet thing, but they have at least a somewhat formal relationship where I thought there would be an unspoken expectation of monogamy. But no, our heroine has no quelms (more like actively consents) about doing some heavy petting/foreplay with another guy who is literally supposed to be gay and in love with the male lead. I am sure they are going to be stopped before going all the way but again the female lead doesn't seem opposed to doing it, so they might as well have in my mind. Also this supposedly gay guy says he likes her because she's slutty. How romantic! YES, he really uses that word TWICE! Anyways I was just shocked and disgusted at the sudden turn this story took and I am dropping it right now. Don't recommend to anyone I guess unless you like cheating.
I am sure a lot of others will love this manga, it just isn't for me. I don't like facial hair, but I bought this because the cover was so beautiful. The art is really gorgeous and top knotch inside as well. So much that despite the guy not being my type at all I found him very pretty and attractive. But once the guy took his clothes off I was instantly turned off. He is not just a buff as you would expect, but rather looks like a roided up body builder. I mean to each there own though, if you really like muscle Bara guys then you will likely love this. Both characters are likable, no issues with consent, story seems good so far and if I could look past the ML's build the smut would be hot.
Have the gods finally granted me the one true 3p manga to end all 3p manga? Sexy mixed race American twins living together with our easily turned on virgin heroine, oh my! It's nice that they have distinct personalities too, so often twins in manga like this have the same personality. Everything has been consensual so far, the twins are naughty but in a fun way and she seems in to it (who wouldn't be?!) There has barely been any action so far, so I can't really judge the sex scenes yet, but the situation is so hot that I feel like they can't go wrong. So I am tentatively giving this 5 stars based on only the first chapter because I want others to buy and read this.
An okay read once, but I don't have any desire to read it again, so it will be a rent only. Hard to say what is wrong with it, I think I just didn't feel the chemistry between the two leads. I liked that the FL could be a little naughty and teasing towards the ML, unusual in a love manga. And the ML was a bit of a jerk at first (he's a tsundere), but at least he kept things consensual, and I liked that he blushed a lot. The sex scenes were decent, but not particularly exciting. Overall though it just didn't click with me.
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