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Honestly, the most unique storyline and character line-up I've ever seen in a manga. It turned out to be a compilation of cooperative one shots but had just enough character development that it didn't leave you totally unsatisfied. The price is low so it doesn't break the bank and the art is decent. All in all, it was really great & I'd love to see more like it.
The cutest high school aged romantic manga I've ever laid eyes on.I need more.
Great story. Kind of expensive for the amount of chapters there are but totally worth it. Decent character development, I only wish the female lead was a bit more composed and/or decisive. The end wasn't exactly climactic for my taste, but the plot twist was definitely unforeseen. The smut scenes weren't displeasing, but if you endbip binging on chapters they can definitely seem repetitive. In my opinion, the intensity of the sex scenes dwindled as it went on and seemed almost irritating at times when questionable decisions were made ( but that might just be good enveloping writing? ). All in all, a good read I'd been following for a while and satisfied with the conclusion. Hope this helps!
One of the best manga I've ever read. The storyline is anything but cliche and is constantly grabbing your attention. Both emotional and erotic. Worth evey penny.
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