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Color - great but that may be the best thing about it. The story could have been much better. It felt like they tried to cram 3 chapters into one by taking out parts they didn't think were needed. This could have been so much better. I hope they don't rush the next one they put out. And if it's an editor who made them take out "fluff" that is needed to make the story flow smoothly, then that person doesn't need to be an editor.
A nice compilation of stories. Boys at school, Men at work, Good looking Guys everywhere! Secrets to hide and friends to protect and all of it leads to love. Yeah!
WOW! I read the series a while back and truly enjoyed it. (must reread again) When I saw this Extra Episode I almost squeed out loud. A great look into their relationship a little further down the road. The love vibes are strong and the smut is nice without going overboard. I'd love to find more episodes coming.
Could Have Been Better. For all the potential this had I was disappointed. The Cover Art doesn't match the inside and it was like so much story tried to be crammed into a little book. If it were up to me I'd want to keep the premise but not rush the story. This could have actually been several issues from just what was in this one. I liked the idea a lot and wish them luck in the future.
Sexy men being smexy!I was pulled in by the art and the story. Great One-Two there.They're head over heals love, but there are secrets that keep them tip-toeing around each other, until finally one drunk night and trip on the stairs put's them nose to nose, a passionate scene later and WOW. Soon love is revealed and guess what, it's mutual! Thank you for a good book. I'd enjoy more of their story if anymore were to ever come out.
I enjoyed this very much. I just wish there was more of it. It sort of leaves you hanging, wondering what's going to happen next. It has the potential to be a good story with several different variables that could lead to lots of different endings. It's too bad it seems to have been dropped.
Oh My Gawd ! This may be short but it's hotter than any volcano. I really wish there were more chapters! Such a lucky boy. Getting to be the one fought over by two top Hosts. I like how they start off as competition but don't seem to care by the end. (T_T) Wahh, I want more.
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