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This is the piece of work where the main character find out from a fortune teller that her her wick is going to be dipped withing the next week. A fortune teller tells her she will do the nasty will a man with a mark on his body and this cues three potential love interests. Bachelor No.1 The guy who is mature/the senpai of the group. Bachelor No 2. The Childhood friend who is kind of a dick at the start but is really a cinnamon roll. Bachelor No. 3 The Shounen Cute boy or AKA the NO.1 Fukk boi who is really really really friendly with the protagonist. The Protagonist will find out who will "pop her cherry" within the next week but plot twists and page turning writing will occur. You will be surprised who will come out on "top" and will be pressing that ticket button to find out who piles who. Can she trust the hocus pocus of the fortune teller?
This isn't about sex dolls or Bob ( Battery Operated Boyfriend or Mr. Dependable ). This is about teenagers in the olden days that have a quickie and deal with creepy doll makers. Without spoiling too much- It was a short but semi-satisfying work. We have kind of a "I met you when we were kids" vibe and "I'll do the deed" until you forget about your first husband vibe too. It was a short story with a quickie, dealing with a heroine who had lost her first lover and trying to discover the mystery behind the new creepy doll maker. ( Which isn't the guy on the cover). I could see this becoming and OVA for a hentai episode.
Just your average adult manga about an 80 year old virgin getting introduced to old Charley...A pure hearted cinnoman roll grandmother has regrets of not shagging anyone yet. A mysterious figure appears and gives her the chance to do the horizontal thrust with a time limit. I'm not sure how I felt about this. The story felt rushed and the characters weren't well written but it was an interesting read.
This story was full of surprises! A great romance story and I would be happy to recommend this to anyone. Very cute story...
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