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OMG. Atlas and Nike, the god of power and the goddess of victory. Both are on opposite sides of a war between Olympians and the Titans. One is the prisoner the other is the warden, And yet somehow they fell in love with each other. However the love they once felt has turned bitter with the taste of betrayal. Now that the roles have been switched and Nike is now imprisoned, Atlas will have his revenge in any shape and form he wishes. Starting with carving his name in her skin. This is a Lover's-Revenge harlequin if I ever read one. Going from lovers, to hating each other and yet the fire still hasn't been completely blown out. Can Nike ever forgive Atlas for the sting of betrayal he caused her? I for one wasn't sure if this would be worth 6 tickets or not, but as I continued reading, it was soooooo worth it. If you liked this manga version, I suggest reading the whole series because it's even better with more hot, sad and happy moments between characters.
So happy I finished all 3 books! I will admit I read this before the 2nd one mostly because the preview for this was a lot more interesting. But even if you read this first or read in order, it makes you want to read all 3 no matter what. There was a bit of stuff missing that had to do with Dominic's past and why he doesn't see the reason to LOVE at all. The ending is very sweet and really made me think that if the breakup curse had never happened, I wonder if these couples would have ever been made?
Hi, it's me again! If you're reading this then you have read the 1st of the series and might even have read my review for that manga. I hope you guys enjoy the following story about Marco's brother and how he will deal with choosing between work or love. A very interesting fact of both families will be learned in the middle of the story and I hope it's just as enjoyable to you as it was for me. Don't forget the to read the 3rd and final of the series about the oldest brother.
Haven't come across too many romance/fantasy stories I was interested in reading, so glad I gave it a shot. The plot about a cursed family because of a unforgivable breakup, I loved it. And SPOILER ALERT if you don't want to know more until you read it yourself, stop reading this and start reading the manga. I just love the plot twist of a reversed curse. The curse that was originally cast had also effected the family of the caster. Witches are one of my favorite supernatural beings and always enjoy the littler changes of how the are portrayed in different stories. I really encourage you all to read it and then read the next 2 books following it. Definitely worth 5 Stars!
I really love this story. The whole concept of one of the main lovers having a disability or losing 1 of their 5 senses is always interesting to me. Having it taken to a new twist with how he got those scars in both body and mind really got my attention as to when he would be better. His reaction to who Chloe was... I didn't see it coming. Always a plus when I'm surprised. The only down side was the fact that in the very beginning, Chloe was introduced as a widow but we never get an explanation as to who she was married to and what happened. Other than that, I really think you guys would love this. If you want to check out another manga that is similar to this, search for Taming Jason by Lucy Gordan I love this story! It's been a while since I got so excited to want to write a review.
I thought it was a very sweet story, I just thought there was a piece of the storyline missing after the second half. I haven't read the book yet but I feel like the manga version was good. I definitely want to read the other 2 after this.
I really liked the plot of this story just as much as the first book. Really enjoyed the ending as it had a very different result from a lot of the other stories that I've read in both manga and novel form. Had me in tears in several parts and really made me want to keep reading and re-reading "Wanted by her Lost Lover". Hope you guys will enjoy this just as much as I still am.
I thought it was very sweet and hit the right amount of emotions, but i thought it was rushed halfway through and needed to have some more explanations about the past. Like many I have read, it was just plain too short.
I haven't even finished reading the whole thing, but I already love the two main characters. Opposites Attract! Honestly they chemistry between them reminds me of another book series of a family of mostly royal sons finding women who challenged and attracted them. The series is called The Dragon Kin Series by G.A. Aiken. Once you read this, I suggest you find the book called, "What A Dragon Should Know" it is very similar minus the Royals who just happen to be dragons.
The only reason I give this a 4 star and not a 5 star review is because it was too short. I know the average number of pages for these novels turned manga are about 130 pages give or take about 10 pages. I really enjoyed this and have gone back to re-read it over a month. I really love the artwork and the story very much. Out of the 60 mangas I have purchased since March, this is one of the ones I don't need to re-read the plot to remember it. So glad I bought this forever, it was worth the 6 tickets I paid for. I only ever buy the ones that REALLY catch my interests. I've read this at least 5 times. I hope you guys will enjoy it too. It has so much emotion coming from the main characters and I really love the chemistry between the couple. Even though they never wanted to a loveless marriage, in the end that wasn't what they got.
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