mariais28's Reviews & Ratings

I did not like it was not good so I give it a 1 rating
It was a great story loved 5 for me
Love it love it , it's soo hot an sexy was worth the money an worth all 5 stars
I really love this story I decide to give it 5 stars because I can read it over and over again it was so worth it every penny I love the whole detail beginning to end yes yes
I give this story 5 stars because it deserve it I love the partners the sex scenes are amazing one of the best stores I have read and a long time it is so worth the tickets I can read it over and over again in the men are so sexy I love the way they draw them just beautiful
I love this story I give it 5 stars it was so great I love the sex scenes between the two people interconnection that they had between each other it was definitely worth the tickets I spend I could read this over and over again
I love this story so much I can't get enough of it I kept reading it over and over again so good I love how they feel about each other their love is so strong and the sex is awesome yes yes five stars
Yes yes I love it so so good make me want to read more
I gave this story of Five because I like the plot I love the love in it between the two characters and once again I say I love the sex scenes it was worth the tickets it was very enjoyable
Love it love it this is why I gave the story five stars it's worth every ticket I really enjoy reading this an I just love the sex scenes
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